Position Title:  Sales Director (Medical Equipment)

Main responsibilities:

  • Develop business plans to cover national sales revenue, and expense controls while meeting agreed targets and objectives; promoting the organization’s presence throughout the Healthcare industry;
  • Assist in the development of the annual marketing plan, specifically advising on: realistic forecasts for each product and territory (based on historical data, market trends, competitive activity, promotional strategies and sales effort); realistic costs of operating the sales force; and sales promotion program;
  • Participate in the whole process of tender for all national accounts;
  • Be responsible for obtaining pre-determined sales targets and objectives through motivation, direction and development of sales teams;
  • Be responsible for managing sales teams on a day to day basis using leadership and coaching skills to develop all individual team member’s required competencies, selling skills and product knowledge;
  • Provide high standards of ongoing training for sales specialists so that they possess sufficient medical and technical knowledge to present information on the company’s products in an accurate and balanced manner;
  • Be responsible for monitoring the performance of sales teams by establishing a system of reports and communications including sales reports, cycle sales meetings and account plans;
  • Be responsible for the planning, recruitment, direction, organization and control of field representatives to accomplish all objectives;
  • Encourage a strong sense of teamwork, good communication, positive morale and co-operation throughout the organization;
  • Manage sales administration function, operational performance reporting, streamlining processes and systems wherever possible, and advising senior management on maximizing business relationships and creating an environment where customer service can flourish.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Master/ Bachelor Degree (Engineering, Business Administration, Medical, Marketing or related field preferred)
  • 5+ years’ experience as Sales Manager in Medical Equipment Business;
  • Excellent in business planning, market assessment, product strategy and roadmaps, development planning and management;
  • Exceptional customer interpersonal skills to overcome difficult situations successfully;
  • Ability to negotiate effectively, with good numeracy and literacy;
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure to meet deadlines;
  • Good in both spoken and written English.


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